This App simply lets you find people sharing your passion, activity, needs.

Are you a biker and today you want to join a group?

Give a look to the Map and find out who (and where) is riding its bike and reach him!


Are you going outside for jogging?

Is not so fun run alone, so give a look to the map and discover other runners...


Again: use the map to find colleagues, chess players, fishers,

trekking groups, find a plumber or electrician around to you for an urgent repair…

Teams can be created by you, as you like, for your needs.


Teams can be password protected; i.e only your family can join it so you can know positions of all them.


A team chat service in included: you can write messages to all other group participants.


# Limit search range from 500m. to 50Km.

# Filter contacts by position age (1h .. 24h)

# Team chat

# Custom team creation

# Password protected team

This is the start screen of Meet On Map.


Here you have to enter:

User Name

An optional Info text that will be showed to other users while touching your placemark on the map

The Team (or group) with whom sharing your current position 



Proceed to the Map with the big button…

Team list.


This list changes often because users (you!) are allowed to create their own preferred team. Use the + icon to add a new one.


Search and select your preferred group…


Red icon: reports the users that joined that group in the latest 24h.


Green icon: it’s your selected team, always positioned at the top.


Orange icon: the keylock indicates a password protected group, you will be prompted for password.

Welcome to the Map.


Here you will see all other users currently sharing the same team.


With the green icon you can filter users by range area and their last location age.


Inside the placemarks, second line reports the time of the last position received by MoM’s server and the distance from you.

The Chat.


You can exchange messages with all the other team participants.

Locations are not tracked: only latest position is stored into database.


Locations and chat messages are kept for 24h, then deleted from database.


User created Teams are deleted if unused for weeks.


Your location is sent to server only when you use the map: to stop sharing just go back to main page.


You can instantly remove your position from the server.